Songwriter and Singer

Sensei Michael specialises in writing Christian worship music, publishing an album “Music of Our Hearts” in 2003. He maintains a list of yet unpublished material and encourages churches to use his music freely (with attribution, please [1]).

While his albums are no longer available, his published songs from the album may still be downloaded from this page, together with the lyrics and chords [2].

MP3: O I Will Praise Him All Day Long
MP3: O I Will Praise Him All Day Long (Instrumental)

MP3: How Great Thou Art
Lyrics/Chords: How Great Thou Art

MP3: I Trust in God
Lyrics/Chords: I Trust In God

MP3: New Song
Lyrics/Chords: New Song

MP3: Song of Christ’s Children
Lyrics/Chords: Song of Christs Children Transparency

[1] “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” Matthew 22:21b, NKJV
[2] Till today, Sensei Michael takes forever just to get the count and the note correct whenever he is forced to write scores. Yes, he cannot sight-read too, if you really want to ask. He appreciates any kind soul willing to transcribe his music into standard scores for him to post up here!

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