On Evangelism, Politics and MLM

In life there are three sensitive matters that drive off friends and relatives fast – evangelism, politics and MLM*. I have seen what happens in the first two, and I suspect will see more of my friends and relatives putting me at arm’s length when they realise I am also into the third one too.

As a young Christian, I was full of fervour for God and His Kingdom. Words of “Hallelujah!” and “Praise God!” spouted out freely from my lips, and fire and brimstone issued forth in condemnation for those who did not walk in the ways of God. Many years and much life lessons later, I have tempered down as I understood more of what it meant for God to show grace and mercy to sinners like myself. I am grateful for friends and relatives that kept their relationship with me through all these years despite my craziness.

The latest election fever had me on the side of the PAP, joining the party and fighting alongside Victor and my fellow comrades, in order to get him elected at Aljunied. Because of the huge amount of rhetoric being thrown around by the incumbent party, I dropped my usually more balanced viewpoints and went totally pro-PAP in my Facebook posts. As the election fever subsided, I have returned to my more balanced viewpoints (but still remain a PAP activist, helping them with their activities). I am thankful for friends and relatives that kept their relationship with me till date despite my craziness.

MLMs have hardly interested me, because I am not into health products, travel products or training products (the three type of products normally sold via the MLM method) and could not find the passion to promote them. I remember telling all those who tried to pitch me the same – if they can find a financial MLM, I will definitely be interested. And I have indeed found one.

It is FOREX-based investment product that I studied for a month, before investing. Unlike other products where you have to keep “maintenance”, it is a one-off investment of USD1300 and you begin taking in 8%+ every month. Such a product is perfect for a salary hedge if you are just a plain investor (not interested in network marketing) but can bring in good money if you are an aggressive referrer (like my upline).

You may find out more by visiting my investment website Sensei Michael Investment. Or you can feel free to Contact Sensei Michael.

My upline has been encouraging me to be more aggressive in my approach but I suppose that aggressiveness is never in my blood (but do not provoke me). Other possibilities include my possible lack of hunger to improve my financial situation. Whatever it is, I feel that I should make some changes to my life, and push this MLM business (finally one I can be passionate about) to those who want to see financial changes in their life.

Do find out more by visiting my investment website Sensei Michael Investment. Or Contact Sensei Michael!

*I have excluded asking for money and having an infectious disease from the list, because my article would then lose the analogy!

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